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Destiny (Brightest Kind of Darkness #3) by P.T Michelle

Destiny (BKoD #3) - by P.T Michelle

Official Blurb:

When destiny is on the line, will love be enough to light the way?

In order to save Ethan, Nara gets pulled deeper into his dark world, where everything she thought she knew about Ethan and herself turns on its head. Ethan and Nara turn up the heat with bone-melting seduction and heart-rending moments, but surprising revelations, lies, treachery, betrayal, and unimaginable evil will challenge their relationship and their future together. As the stakes rise, encompassing more than just her relationship with Ethan, will Nara make the ultimate sacrifice?

Note: DESTINY is the 3rd book in the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series. It isn't the last book. There will be one more book

My Review:


Immediate Reaction Post-Read: HOLY SMOKES I'M NOT SURE WHETHER TO HUG P.T OR CHOKE HER! THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH I WAS LIKE: oh yeah, this could be the last book despite what she says. It's drawing to a close and stuff AND THEN BAM! BLOODY CLIFFHANGER URGHHH *slowly dies painful death*

This book continues with Ethan and Nara's journey (nuh DUH) in a way that has me lying on my knees and begging for more. This is one of those amnesia books, but one of the better ones. Even though it's one of the best amnesia books i've read, it's still an amnesia book that has me on my toes just screaming at the author: JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE I DIE, DAMNIT! (what I mean by an amnesia book is that it's a book where someone has amnesia and therefore parts - if not all - of the book are surrounding the things that the character with amnesia has forgotten)

There's a lot of tension in this book, all surrounding Ethan's amnesia and the things he didn't tell Nara. To be honest, I think that P.T went a little overboard with the whole tension thing. At first I understood Nara's reasoning for not trusting Ethan and stuff but after a while I was yelling at Nara to get her head in gear and man up. She seemed a little bit more wimpy in this book than in the others but hopefully that won't carry into the next book!

There are a shitload of discoveries that are made in this book on the whole supernatural creatures front. One of the things that I like best about these books is that no one holds the answers. No one character knows everything and is telling the rest post their journey, rather it's little discoveries by many characters that are put together to create the whole big thing.

This book is well-written just like the other books. There are a couple sentences that don't make sense or words missing but she's only human and there are always mistakes. I have to say, I still remain neutral on the whole writing front - her writing doesn't do anything for me; it doesn't drag me in or connect me. Some books you read for the writing, some for the stories. This is a story kind of book.


Sorry, just still so beat up about that last LINE, P.T!!!

Grr, I can't wait for the next one to be out! GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME! I look forward to sharing more about Nara and Ethan's journey with you when the next book comes out. All it says about the release is that its 2014 so I'm looking for it to come out in 2 months time, ya here? *snicker snicker*

Well, that's really all I have to say, but let me know what you think!!

Queen of Reading,
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