Saturday, 5 October 2013

Comfort Books


So, don't know if you understand what I mean by comfort books, so I'm going to explain! Comfort books are the books you pick up on a sick or lazy day, they're books you've read before and you read over and over again, they are those dog-eared, spine-bent books that you always go to. They're the books you read to feel at home, to feel comfortable. So I thought I'd list my comfort books/series. ***NOTE: THESE ARE NOT NECESSARILY MY FAVOURITE BOOKS!!***

1. Significance by Shelly Crane
So, the version I have of this book is definitely not the best version. It's like first edition and has MAJOR mistakes, but I can never get over this story. The first book is just so cute and uncomplicated and kind of fast-paced and I just love love love love LOVE it!! It's one of the first books I go to on those lazy/sick days and it's one of my favourite re-reads!!

2. The Witch-Fairy Series by Bonnie Lamer

As mentioned before, this is a great series! Starting with True of Blood, this series is always going to give you a laugh and a good time. You literally can not go wrong with any of these books - they will never leave you astray or lull you into a false sense of security before smacking you in the face with
something. No, these books will always be your friend!

3. Before I Die by Jenny Downham
This book doesn't meet my normal quote - it's not fantasy and it's sad, but something about it always manages to hit me right in the spot. You know that spot where everything just feels like it's 10 times stronger? Yeah, it hits me there. Which means that there are a couple tear-stained pages but it also just makes me grateful for life, and that's a good feeling.

That's all I can think of at the moment!!

Let me know, what's your comfort book(s)??

Queen of Readin'
Keep on reading, forget the dreaming!

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