Monday, 26 May 2014


Hey guys!

Hope you've had an AMAZING year so far full of lollipops and chocolate and unicorns and BOOKS! I know I have(n't) but that's a story for another day!

SO...sorry for my extended absence *cough*school*cough*life*cough* but i'm back!!! Woo hopefully I'll have time to write and POST soon but life is tough right now so, instead, i have a compromise!! I'd like to welcome my good friend Alexa! She writes AMAZING reviews and has a bit of a different taste in books to me and writes different reviews so yay for adding diversity!! I know you'll be nothing less than welcoming so yeah!

Actually, this is all I have time to write because right now i'm supposed to be writing an assignment which i haven't done yet *oops* but I promise that tonight imma be getting my review on *woop woop*

SO in the mean time, here's a nice, warm welcome to Alexa!! Round of applause everyone!

~ Jenna ~