Saturday, 14 September 2013


Hey everybody and nobody that reads my blog,
(by the way if you're wondering why I sometimes start like's because this blog is about being written, not read!)

So I'm sorry about not posting alot lately, but I HAVE MY REASONS!! And because that statement is never enough - yeah, you out there who always say 'I have my reasons', are you listening?! - I shall list for you my reasons below...

  1. I've been in a bit of a funk lately. TOTALLY exhausted all the time and I don't have any effort to do anything. That includes reading, unfortunately. So I'd buy these super cool looking books and then open them up and after a page or so I'm yawning and looking for something else to do. I can't even write when I get in this funk! So this funk is slowly moving so hopefully I'll have a heap load of new reviews to post for you guys soon!
  2. I've started a vlog! Yeah, that's write. I've been posting videos on youtube and there's just something about videoing my reviews thats addictive, I don't even know why! So, yeah! I've been making video reviews recently instead of posting! So you'll see that on the right (-->) there's a list of my videos up and the link. It's a little gadgety thing! There's also a tab up the top (^) called My Vlog that will link you to my youtube channel. So check it out!
  3. I've been crazy busy! With school and homework and extra-curricular activities I've barely had any time to read anyway, and when I did I was so funked out that I just chose to lay in bed and watch the ceiling. Not a useful way to spend your time, but ehh...I enjoyed it!
  4. I feel like I'm writing to a brick wall. And, yeah, this blog is about being written but it'd be nice to get some feedback and comments that aren't from me...
So, yeah. That's my list of what's going on with me and why I've been so inactive (this will also pertain to things like my goodreads account and stuff like my writing) and I hope to be more active!! So, comment and stuff. There's also a Contact Me tab up the top so PLEASE use it, even just to say hi or recommend a book or something. I check that a lot so it's not like i'll miss your message but if I don't reply within a day or so feel free to spam me :) 

And now, to finish off...

All the best,

Queen of Reading,
Keep on reading, forget the dreaming

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