Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Just a post...

Just a summary, I have another blog, so I'm copying the important posts over here for those (invisible) people who read this :P

How's everyone's lives? All ok? That's amazing, i love it when all is right with the world. Well, mostly. Ok, ok! The world's not that good. In fact, my world sometimes feel's like it's falling apart. But that's just adolescence. Right?!

Anyway, so i'm counting how many pieces I'm working on currently, coz it's getting a tad out of hand :)

1. Maylie and Me
2. Sophie and Me (I'm not sure what's happening with these 2, one is sort of a prequel to the other, but i'll see where it goes)
3. End of the World (NEED'S a better name)
4. By The Eye (This name will probably also change)
5. Summer / Just This Once. (Haven't decided on the title yet)
6. Fierra (again, not sure on the title)
So, anyone wanna read what i've written? If so, just give me an email at :) i can always use advice :D
Not much is going on here. Procrastinating as always, but my procrastination is my writing, so i guess that's good for me. Kinda. But school is important, don't get me wrong :D

Have a nice night / day / morning / afternoon / WHATEVER :)

Queen of Reading
Keep on reading, forget the dreaming :)

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