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The Sound Of Shooting Stars by Heather Allen (Blog Tour) - Review and Author Interview

Title: The Sound of Shooting Stars
Author:  Heather Allen
Genre:  Contemporary YA
Publication Date:  11 November 2013
Event organized by:  Into the Night Reviews

Jamie Grey grew up tossed around between foster homes. At an early age he shut the world out, deciding he wouldn’t care. Whatever life had to throw at him, he would look the other way. Now his senior year is about to start and he’s been forced into yet another new home. This will be the last time, he assures himself. When an unexpected curveball comes his way in the form of a certain stubborn seventeen year old girl, Jamie soon finds out that life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it.

Beckett Chase has been entitled her entire life. Living in the plush landscape of Palm Beach, Florida, she’s never wanted for anything. She’s always taken what and who she wants with no remorse. When she sets her sights on Jamie Grey and she’s met with rejection, her descent from the top begins.

With a twist of events causing Jamie and Beckett’s worlds to collide, will they be able to put aside their differences or will fate intervene offering an entirely different option?

My Review:


Like, wow.

If I was speaking right now you'd probably think I was dead because I'm like just blankly staring into space, like wow! This book is...just, wow. Oh, wait, have I told you WOW yet? Okay, let's hope my vocabulary rapidly expands because 'wow' won't get me far in life...

This book is a mix of everything - suspense, mystery, drama, love, hate, feuds, family issues, destiny and everything else. It's also extremely relatable - someone and something for everyone to feel and somehow it just pulls everyone together. It almost felt like I was being pulled into a big, warm hug with every other reader in the world...and,dayum, it felt good!

This book gave me the warm fuzzies, some of the blech ickies, definitely the 'ooh-tell-me-more'-sies, and what would a book be without the page turneries? To be honest, I stayed up until 1am the night before my exams to finish this...oops?

The plot line was engaging, although the twists and turns came out of nowhere. Heather was really nice that way - allowing us to not fret the secrets because there wasn't much hint of them until BAM **spoiler alert**.

The characters had depth, so much depth I'm currently nursing my broken heart surrounding the fact that I'm not friends with them. I'm also mourning the fact that, although I want Jamie Gray, I want him to be with Beckett Chase. WHAT DO I DO???? Jamie, do you have a twin?? *she said hopefully*

In all seriousness, I don't know why you're sitting here reading my review and not reading the book! And if you've already read the book I don't know why you're not re-reading it or posting on your own site to tell all of your friends to read it!!

5 stars - I'm reading this again!!

Author Interview:

Where did the inspiration for The Sound Of Shooting Stars come from?
Stars doesn’t have a neat and pretty story behind my inspiration unfortunately! I’m a teacher by day and I see many kids everyday who go through situations like Jamie’s. I guess we all have something we are striving for, his was a place to call home. And Beckett’s character, I’m from Palm Beach County, Florida, she is close to my heart. I delved into a multitude of changes in high school as most of us do, to find myself.

What are the characters based on? Different parts of you? People around you?
As I said, Beckett is extremely loosely based on me and some of my background. Jamie is just who I would have loved to come and rescue me. J My real mother’s name was Jamie. She died of MS when I was an adult but the last time I saw her, I was nine. In so many ways she was lost. Jamie Grey was lost for a while as well.

What's one song that describes your personality?
This is HARD! J- You Always Make Me Smile- Kyle Andrews
-I always try to look on the bright side of things!

What's your favourite part about being an author?
I love creating new worlds but more than that the characters that live in them. I’m a people person so shaping a character whether after something I already know or something completely different is exciting! My second favorite part is meeting new people. I’ve met so many amazing readers and other authors on my short journey so far.

Have you always wanted to write? What was the first thing you wrote?
No, writing was always something I thought I wasn’t very good at. I started a journal in sixth grade and continued into high school. What I wouldn’t give to have that thing now that I am writing! LOL! I have no idea whatever happened to it. For a long time I thought I was a better artist than writer, um no, definitely not!

What's your favourite season and why?
Summer, I live in Florida so summer is scorching hot. But during the summer I get to spend every day with my kids and doing something in the water. I love the water- pool, ocean, river, any of the above!

What's your favourite thing about where you live?
My favorite thing about Melbourne, Florida is the weather and that it’s not too big and not too small. We do lack great places to shop but those are a short drive away. My kids get to grow up with the same kids but it’s big enough that we don’t runinto the same people all the time. I get cold easily so a regular temperature of 75 in November is good for me! J

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Author bio and social networking links:

Heather Allen is the author of The Just Breathe Trilogy, and newly released- The Sound of Shooting Stars. Heather finally realized her dream of becoming an author only recently with her mermaid trilogy. She savors every moment on this new journey and the wonderful friends she has met along the way. She has many more books planned. More ideas pop up than she has time to write about.

Heather currently resides in the scorching hot state of Florida with her husband and three children. She holds degrees in education from The University of Central Florida and Nova Southeastern University. She is a hopeless romantic who loves to read just about anything, coffee and Jelly Belly jellybeans. When she isn’t teaching, writing or reading, Heather can be found at the beach or out on the water boating.

Twitter:        https://twitter.com/kelconcar

Blog:              http://heatherallen127.blogspot.com/

Purchase Links: (ONLY 99c DURING THE BLOG TOUR!!!!!!!!)

Amazon:                  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GMPH6E0/
Smashwords:         http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/378126

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