Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Trusted (Trusted #1) by Taylor L. Stimac

Trusted (#1) - Taylor Stimac

Official Blurb:

When fifteen year old Tegan Summers catches the eye of local radio personality Rake Johnson, she finally feels like a normal teenage girl. Everything about their relationship feels perfect, except for the unexplained presence that makes her believe she should stay away.

On the same day she meets Rake, another man makes his way into her life: Officer Damien Sanders. His mysterious and often intense warnings urge Tegan to trust him and to end her relationship with Rake. As she works to uncover Damien's motive, she begins to realize that he may end up playing a vital role in her future.

Discover what Tegan must do in TRUSTED, the debut novel by author Taylor L. Stimac.

Would you trust a stranger?

My Review:

Can I just say wow? Like W.O.W. it's take me about3 days to write this review and I STILL don't know what to write. This story was not what I was expecting, yet still pleasantly surprising. It wasn't as supernatural as I was expecting, but it was still good!

This book had some grammatical errors, but they were quite easy to overlook. The occasional changing of tense, the misuse of commas and the 'could of' which is the bane of my existence, but all together it was a very good read!

It was a page-turner that kept me reading late into the night, and had my parents yelling at me multiple times to come out of my room, which I refused to do! 

I really loved the story, but thought it could use some development. It feels like the plot is climbing but it never reaches the climax, which leaved me feeling unfulfilled as well as curious about what happened next. 

The thing that I really, really, really, RELLY loved was the fact that I didn't know who was wrong and who was right. Normally, I have quite a straight-forward view as to who I like and who I don't, and that changes but at any given point in time I can tell you at least one good person and one bad. This book? Nada. I couldn't have told you, and I still can't, which is VERY effective.

There was a whole lot of effective suspense and mystery and I definitely recommend you read this book, and then message me about it! If you're looking for a plot, look up or type it into your google search bar. The author has posted a REALLY cute daughter saying a summary of this book, and although it's not totally accurate, it's super adorable!

I'm looking forward to book 2 and to all you bookish people messaging me about this book!

Ta-ta now!

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