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Dark Veil by S.L. Naeole: A review

Dark Veil (Belonging #1) -  by S.L. Naeole

What's hiding in the dark when no one's looking?
*N.B. That tag line is mine, not hers!

Official Blurb:
Liam Mace was used to seeing the tourists on the Rock, and looked especially forward to them leaving. But Fallon wasn't leaving. In fact, she was staying. Worse, his sister was growing attached to her, and that was never a good thing...
You never become attached to your food.
Black Cat Rock, or the Rock as it is called, is the home of the Panthus, shape-shifting cats of magnificent size and strength who live in their human skins only to protect their secret. During the day they catch fish to sell, or wait on and serve the tourists who come to visit their island, but at night, the fangs come out and the hunt begins as tourist becomes prey.

Fallon Timmons didn't know what to expect from the small island her adopted parents grew up on, but whatever it was, she thought she was prepared for it. Then Liam appeared, all teeth and venom, with a warning to stay away from his sister Audrey and from him. It was a warning that she was not going to heed, no matter what the strangely attractive boy said.


One simple statement to start:


Seriously, just as I fall in love with the story it finishes?? And that epilogue? TEASE!

My dear S. L. Naeole, I may just have to kill you if you don't finish writing the second one soon!


But seriously, I can't wait.

Fallon has moved around since she was a little kid, and she thought she had finally settled in California, when her parents decide to relocate permanently back home - to a little Island called Black Cat Rock. Fallon is used to be the new girl, but she is anything but prepared for what awaits her. This 'trog' that is trying to be accepted into a new world will not be accepted, but what's worse is Fallon doesn't know why. All she knows is that the brooding brother, Liam, of her best friend, Audrey, seems to hate her and she can't work out why! But what is really going on under the surface of Black Cat Rock?

At first, I was whole reluctant about the were-cat idea, but I love cats so I thought I'd have a go, and thank god I did! Were-cats are awesome, let me tell you that. And ms naeole takes you on a jitney, adding to the past as she creates the future, a skill I envy!

This book is amazing, and the way that it is told through both Liam's and Fallons point of view made it even more juicy! My only complaint is that it ended too quickly. I was DESPERATE for more, and will continue to be until it arrives. The epilogue was also to: and then this happened, and then this...and this will happen and this is what's going on at the moment... not that that's a bad thing, I'm just not used to that style with this author...

ANYWAY...I DEFINITELY suggest reading this, and give it a full 5 stars...good job S.L. Naeole...can't wait for more!!

Keep on reading, forget the dreaming! :)
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  1. great review! i found you on a goodreads thread.I look forward to your post!